A Rich Tradition

Earth Data Incorporated is a full-service consulting firm specializing in geospatial services and water resources. We have provided specialized services throughout the mid-Atlantic Region for over 40 years. Earth Data has completed more than 5,000 private, local, municipal, county, state, and federal-level projects involving the collection, analysis, management and distribution of data. We know data.

Earth Data’s team is a dynamic group of qualified water resource engineers, hydrogeologists, geologists, soil scientists, GIS/LiDAR specialists, licensed well drillers, and field technicians.


"The hardest working individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with."

Harris b. |  senior Project manager


A Bright Future

We are proud of our experience and our history, but we are excited about our future. Earth Data Incorporated uses high-tech tools to collect, analyze, manage, and distribute data in sophisticated ways. We have partnered with innovative companies like Esri, because we can accomplish more together. Since data always tells a story, we strive to learn valuable uses for constantly changing technology. That was true in the past and continues to be our focus in the present.

But, we are more than data. We are people who work hard and want to help, not only our clients, but our community. We encourage all Earth Data Incorporated employees to help others. So, Earth Data Giving was created to provide paid public-service hours for volunteer work done for local charities. Our employees make a difference. We support their efforts.


“Your ability to support our efforts is essential for our projects.”

Dane Bauer  |  Principal, Hall & Bauer