Groundwater Consulting


How We Help


Exploring and Testing

Earth Data geologists and hydrogeologists are highly qualified and trained to assess the sustained yields of wells, well fields and aquifers, the interference between wells and well fields, the relationship between groundwater withdrawals and surface water flow, and water quality. Additionally, our team will analyze the ongoing effectiveness of a proposed withdrawal on existing groundwater users.

Infrastucture Management

Public works engineering and operations departments benefit from Earth Data’s deep technical groundwater and well expertise. Earth Data provides a comprehensive suite of services to assist water supply operators manage their wells and well fields to achieve optimal efficiency.

From performing comprehensive field assessments and in-situ pumping tests to determine well and pump operating efficiency, Earth Data is uniquely qualified to provide valuable insight and recommendations. Earth Data has developed comprehensive infrastructure assessment tools and protocols to assist groundwater professionals responsibly manage the earth’s most precious resource

Permitting Assistance

With current and relevant knowledge and expertise about existing and proposed regulations, our team assists in all stages of groundwater appropriation permitting, acting as a credible liaison with regulatory agencies. Earth Data’s established technical support team provides each client with the expertise to evaluate sites and analyze data to meet permit requirements and deadlines.

With extensive training on protocols and equipped with the appropriate tools and controls, Earth Data ensures that data collection, analysis and services provided will meet or exceed regulatory and client criteria.