We know data.


Since 1974, we have completed over 5,000 projects.


Federal Government

Working directly with or as a subcontractor, Earth Data delivers reliable, timely, and cost-effective solutions to local, state, and federal government entities. We specialize in geospatial/GIS use and development, geospatial visualization, and geospatial standards, data, and processes.

Counties & Municipalities

Earth Data offers an extensive range of compliance, permitting, and consulting services for both small to large-scale public works projects pertaining to groundwater supply, infrastructure management, wastewater disposal and GIS applications. We deliver innovative solutions that optimize cost effectiveness and manage unnecessary complexity as government agencies fulfill their water supply and environmental obligations.

Land Owners & Developers

Earth Data serves the real estate industry in providing environmental due diligence, groundwater and wastewater permitting, and resource conservation. Our team assists in all stages of groundwater appropriation permitting. We provide expertise and technical support in testing sites, analyzing data, and obtaining permits.

A & E Partners

We assist local and national architectural and engineering partners collect field data needed to meet regulations, compliance standards, and their clients’ needs. Earth Data collects, analyzes, manages, and distributes data using the most advanced technology in the environmental consulting field.

“Your staffs’ professional ability reflects great credit upon themselves.”

Simon S.  |  Environmental Geologist