We Can See the Future

Earth Data cares about people, and we want to give. It is a foundational principle of our company. 

One organization that we have taken pride in supporting early and often is Global Vision 2020. This humanitarian organization provides prescription eyeglasses to those who live in the most remote parts of the world. 


What makes supporting Global Vision 2020 even more rewarding is that its founder is also an Earth Data employee. Kevin White invented the USee Vision Kit™ to provide prescription eyeglasses without the need for optometrists, medical infrastructure, or even electricity. The complete kit is the size of a small suitcase. Providing eyeglasses takes only minutes. His system is revolutionizing the way prescription eyeglasses are provided to those with the greatest need. 


Giving makes communities thrive. The communities we live in and communities around the world. Earth Data is building a team of employees that care about others and is creating a culture of giving locally and around the world. We support Global Vision 2020’s mission by supporting their latest Back to School initiative. Please join us and click here to have CaringCrowd match your donation.

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