Our Deepening Commitment to Giving

Earth Data is proud to partner with organizations that make life better. We work hard and want to help. We respect the same commitment in others. That is why we are partnering with Lifetime Wells International to provide a new well in Africa. The well will bring clean water to those in need of this precious and necessary resource. 


For many people in remote locations around the world, rivers, lakes, and ponds are the only available source of drinking water. But because these sources are also for cleaning, washing, and watering animals, they are the primary way disease is spread. We want to help Lifetime Wells International provide a clean source of drinking water. A productive well continues to give life for generations. 


We are more than data. We are a group of people who care not only about our local community but communities around the world. Though we may never have an opportunity to meet those who are served by the new well, we want to help. Lifetime Wells International is making a difference. We want to help. 

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