The Edge of the Razor

Sometimes ads make us laugh, cry, or even get angry. Often, ads are never remembered.

Recently, Gillette ran an ad that made us think. What kind of man (or person) do any of us want to be? If the person has integrity and decency, then yes, we want to be just like him. What about kindness and compassion? Yes, we want that too. But it doesn’t end with an ad that makes us think about integrity or compassion. We must act in accordance with the qualities we find commendable.

Even though we at Earth Data say #NeverHere to harassment and implement a zero-tolerance policy of abuse of any kind, we know it doesn’t end in the workplace. It must be shown in our homes, our relationships, and in our conversation with those you agree with and with those you don’t. Earth Data cares about more than soil and water. We care about people, too. We want to be a spark that ignites a fire. We want others to help us say, #NeverHere.