The Most Advanced Tools in the Industry

Earth Data uses the most advanced tools in the industry.


Recently, we used a TopCon GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) to perform field verification of existing utility infrastructure for several Maryland municipalities. The cities wanted to know exact locations of specific features of their existing utility system (water meters, hydrants, and valves). The high-accuracy positioning system allowed us to collect the data and provide it as clear and usable information in an Esri-based GIS platform. Using this data to connect to an existing database or cloud mapping system will remove the reliance upon employee recollection and incomplete information gathered years ago. Imagine having locations mapped to within less than one foot accuracy over miles of urban and rural terrain. The guesswork is gone. That is what Earth Data can provide.


Choosing Earth Data for your mapping projects means your business is working with a dedicated team of professionals who not only know soil and water, but how to use technology to collect and analyze data so you can make informed decisions today and tomorrow.