We Wish You Good Luck: Katie Stafford

At Earth Data we enjoy not only working with soil and water. We enjoy working with people too. One of those talented people we have gotten to know is Katie Stafford who has been our student intern over the past year and is completing her last semester at Salisbury University.


Katie has a passion for animals, but was also interested in Geography. She reached out to Mark Williams, president of Earth Data for advice. Mark invited her to visit the office and talk about how it used GIS (geographic information systems) to collect and analyze earth data. GIS intrigued her. She saw it as a nearly limitless field that was flexible enough to use in the study of animals. She changed her major from biology to geography with a GIS focus. “You can do anything with GIS,” she said.

She recently traveled to Brazil and used GIS to track Capuchin monkeys through their native mangrove habitat, successfully merging her love for animals and growing GIS expertise.

Katie  recently saw the potential and flexibility of GIS, but it’s something Earth Data has been excited about for years. But any way that one of Earth Data’s talented team of professionals can share their excitement is always a welcome opportunity.