A Firm Commitment to Growth and Water Resource Science

Earth Data has been providing field-oriented hydrogeologic and environmental consulting services throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region since 1974. It continues to expand its capabilities and services with the addition of two new water resource scientists in recent weeks and now has six water resource scientists on its staff dedicated to preserving and enhancing our planet’s most precious natural resource. This is a landmark event for Earth Data.

From left, J.P. Stokes, Jeff Chipman, Mary Wakefield, Jake Bram, Avery Dunn, and Scott Wolf

From left, J.P. Stokes, Jeff Chipman, Mary Wakefield, Jake Bram, Avery Dunn, and Scott Wolf

Senior hydrogeologist J.P. Stokes has been at Earth Data for more than 20 years. As a registered professional geologist (P.G.) in 3 states, J.P. has witnessed first-hand Earth Data’s growth and emergence as one of this area’s premier hydrogeologic and environmental consulting firms. He remembers a time when he was the only geologist at Earth Data—a situation he is very glad has changed. He now manages multiple projects and oversees the collection, analysis, management and distribution of data from that work.

Mary Wakefield earned her master’s degree in hydrology from the University of Maryland College Park, with a special emphasis in watershed management and wetlands conservation in and around the Chesapeake Bay. In addition to other duties, Mary manages Earth Data’s growing onsite wastewater disposal business and has developed specialized expertise in the design of subsurface and sand mound disposal systems.

Jeff Chipman is one of Earth Data’s most versatile groundwater scientists. He’s a degreed geologist, licensed well driller, and one of Earth Data’s five FAA-licensed drone pilots. He has developed specialized competence in the areas of surface and groundwater sampling and collecting thermographic imagery using Earth Data’s DJI Matrice 210 RTK_V2 drone.

Jake Bram was first introduced to Earth Data in 2015 while studying environmental science at Randolph-Macon College. He served a one-month internship and became familiar with Earth Data’s field-oriented consulting culture. After graduation, Jake gained significant field experience working for a drilling contractor. He is currently licensed to drill in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.

Geologist Scott Wolf and environmental scientist Avery Dunn are the newest members of Earth Data’s growing staff of water resource scientists. Both Avery and Scott graduated from colleges in Pennsylvania—Avery from Penn State University and Scott from Lock Haven University. Avery brings experience to Earth Data as a parks planner/GIS technician and is a certified nutrient management planner in Maryland and Delaware. At Lock Haven, Scott excelled at field research and report preparation and has presented his work at the Geological Society of America (GSA) national conference.

Together with other licensed well drillers and experienced field technicians, our team of water resource scientists directly supports Earth Data’s broad range of technical field capabilities. These include hollow stem auger drilling, direct-push (Geoprobe) soil sampling, borehole geophysical logging and color borehole video surveys, surface and groundwater sampling, and straddle packer testing.

The breadth of experience of Earth Data’s water resource science staff proves the firm’s commitment to continued growth and expanded technical competence. Since 1974 Earth Data has completed more than 5,000 private, local, municipal, county, state, and federal-level projects involving the collection, analysis, management and distribution of data.

Yes, we know data, but we also know the importance of building a team—a team for now, and a team for the future.

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