Mary Wakefield


Since joining Earth Data, Mary has been involved in managing many of Earth Data’s onsite subsurface wastewater disposal projects. She holds an undergraduate degree in International Relations with a focus in both Mass Communications and Environmental Studies from Tulane University. She will complete her master’s degree in Eco-Hydrology from the University of Maryland, College Park this year. Her graduate work involves developing an agricultural water footprint for the Choptank River and Chesapeake Bay watersheds with an intent of nonpoint source nitrogen and phosphorus reduction through the development of feasible water recycling plans for wastewater use in agriculture. She has experience with both CAST and SPARROW system modeling and extensive knowledge of Eastern Shore TMDLs and BMPs.

In her spare time, Mary tutors high school Math and SAT and ACT prep. If there is still time in the week, she submerges herself in the arts, being an avid costumer and occasional performer in community theaters throughout Maryland.