Earth Data Welcomes Scott Wolf

Earth Data is pleased to announce that geologist Scott Wolf recently joined its dedicated team of water resource engineers, hydrogeologists, geologists, soil scientists, GIS/LiDAR specialists, licensed well drillers, and field technicians. 

Originally from South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Scott spent a lot of time outside hiking and camping with his family. His father was employed by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, so he was raised with respect and concern for the environment. It was through his father that he was first introduced to geology. 

After high school, Scott worked different jobs in the region and then returned to Williamsport. His goal was going back to college. He met a friend who had just graduated from Lock Haven University in nearby Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. This friend had recently received his degree in geology, the same field in which Scott now has his degree. 


Because Scott waited to earn his degree, he wanted to complete his degree in three years instead of the usual four. He did. All the while he was working with one of his professors, both collecting data and gaining valuable experience in geology. He was rewarded by presenting their findings at the Geological Society of America (GSA) National Conference. 

Scott is excited to join the Earth Data team. He is pleased that there is a good mix of field and office work and he smiled as he recounted a recent well-drilling project he worked on after having only been here a few days. He said, "It's not just theory (at Earth Data), but also getting out and doing the work." We couldn't agree more.