Earth Data Welcomes Mary Wakefield

Earth Data is pleased to announce that hydrogeologist Mary Wakefield has joined its dedicated team of qualified water resource engineers, hydrogeologists, geologists, soil scientists, and field technicians.


Originally from El Paso, Texas, Mary grew up in an arid landscape where water was in demand and never taken for granted. Moving to New Orleans to begin her undergraduate work at Tulane University was a revelation. She saw there was a problem with water there also, but it was the opposite of her early experience in West Texas. There wasn’t a lack of water in New Orleans, there was too much. “Water has always been a pressing concern of mine one way or another,” she said emphatically. She graduated from Tulane with a co-major in political science and environmental sciences.

After graduating, she engaged in her business interests and spent 15 years in customer service with a large global company. But, her interest in water and soil remained. In 2015 she followed her true passion and pursued her graduate degree in Ecohydrology at the University of Maryland, College Park. Though initially she was unsure that living in Maryland would allow her to pursue her interest as she saw it, she realized that living near the bay allowed her to look at the Chesapeake watershed, specifically wetlands, as a conservationist. Her master’s degree focuses on water management, and specifically how it relates to the Chesapeake Bay.

“Earth Data is a great fit because it will allow me to use not only my work in hydrogeology, but my past skill set, as well,” she said.