Earth Data Welcomes Jake Bram

Earth Data is pleased to announce that environmental scientist Jake Bram has become part of its dedicated team of field-oriented groundwater, geospatial, and environmental consulting professionals.


Jake is originally from Pasadena, Maryland and lives on the rural Eastern Shore. He readily admits to a love of being outside and is intimately familiar with the terrain and seasonal rhythms of the Chesapeake Bay area. But his enjoyment of nature didn’t initially impact his career choices.

He attended Randolph-Macon College just north of Richmond in Ashland, Virginia and was initially enrolled as a business major. One of his business courses focused on making informed business decisions and used the pros and cons of developing coastal areas as the test case for the semester’s work. That course was to be half business and half geology. It was then that Jake realized his love of being outside had an outlet, not in business, but earth science.

Jake’s initial connection with Earth Data was four years ago when he was a college intern. Part of his college curriculum required him to intern at a business specializing in his preferred field of study. He originally heard about Earth Data from Ben Wood, son of Ken Wood, founder of the humanitarian organization, Lifetime Wells International.

He has since been awarded his B.S. in Environmental Studies with a focus in coastal geology and is also a licensed well driller in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. It’s obvious Jake isn’t afraid to be entrenched in remote areas for the sake of collecting data. We like that.