Earth Data Giving: Clean Water Concert Series

Held in Easton, Maryland and hosted by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation in partnership with the Avalon Foundation, the Clean Water Concert Series aims to educate concert goers about the importance and health of the Chesapeake Bay and its local rivers, streams, and wildlife. The concert series invites local businesses and organizations to get together and share how they are involved with the bay and local rivers. Community members are invited to participate in various events and activities for all ages to gain a better understanding of what’s going on in their own back yard.


The concert series spans three Saturdays during the months of June & July. Earth Data Incorporated has participated in the Clean Water Concert Series for the past 2 years. The event mixes education, community, action, and fun together as organizations from around the watershed share information, local eateries share food, and musicians encourage party goers to have a good time! The concert series, now in its 5th year, has drawn thousands of interested people from around the Eastern Shore to gather together to learn about the bay and how to keep it clean.

Earth Data president Mark Williams has attended the event several times with other members of the Earth Data team and recognizes the importance of Earth Data’s participation in the event. “We have deep roots in the local area and are excited to be part of the concert series because it directly correlates to our company’s core values and collective passion to help protect and preserve what we believe to be our planet’s most precious natural resource—water.”

Water, and even more importantly clean water, is a big part of Earth Data’s core consulting services. The company is involved with water in a myriad of ways including groundwater exploration, well drilling, aquifer testing, onsite wastewater disposal, water level monitoring, water sampling and analysis, and watershed conservation and restoration. Earth Data’s services are all directing at supporting the health of Maryland’s ground and surface water resources. The local watershed and the Chesapeake Bay are important to Earth Data because they exist right in our backyard on Maryland’s beautiful Eastern Shore.


Stepping out as members of the community to support local events like the concert series are significant here at Earth Data. The concert series allows the company to give back to the community while strengthening the relationships between fellow employees, who get the chance to gather together outside of the office and have fun. At the event Earth Data offers members of the community free popcorn, candy (a favorite around the office), and a fresh glass of clean water.

GivingJoe Willey