Eric Flickinger

Director of Geospatial Services

Eric has a passion for exploring the world with an analytical mind combined with an eye and heart to experience all the beauty and wonder of every life moment. From a kid staring out the classroom window and wondering where the schoolyard stream would lead… to wandering the back streets of cities and villages around the world, Eric uses maps and nautical charts not as much to get to a destination but, used them more so to get lost in the wonders of the world.

He grew up with a passion for sailing and building small boats as vehicles for exploration and has immersed his life and soul into reaching every backwater and headwater of the Chesapeake Bay. After the opportunity to live and work and explore many corners of the world, Eric finds his true heart and home with his wife on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

By following his passion and love of life, Eric has had the good fortune to contribute to the mission of Earth Data Incorporated by making maps—analytical, data driven maps. He works diligently every day to contribute to the Earth Data team as they continuously seek opportunities to make the world a better place through development and application of practical solutions delivered with passionate, hard work.