Cliff Stein

Senior Soil Scientist-Emeritus

Cliff Stein is Earth Data's Senior Soil Scientist-Emeritus. His wealth of knowledge and expertise has served Earth Data well in providing hands-on experience in the field.

Cliff graduated from the University of Maryland in 1972 with an undergraduate degree in Agronomy. He then pursued and in 1978 was awarded his graduate degree in Soils. His graduate degree led to him consulting for Earth Data after graduation. In 1990, Cliff became a full-time employee and specialized in wastewater disposal. He retired in July 2016, but still provides expertise on various projects.

His love of the outdoors shows in his hobbies and retirement hasn't slowed him at all. He enjoys skiing, backpacking, sailing, and rock climbing. He and his wife are currently planning trips to the western states to go skiing and hiking.