Land Developers

Earth Data has been serving the real estate industry for over 40 years in the areas of environmental due diligence, groundwater and wastewater permitting and resource conservation. With current and relevant expertise for existing and proposed regulations, our team assists in all stages of groundwater appropriation permitting, acting as a credible liaison with regulatory agencies. Earth Data has the expertise and technical support to evaluate sites, analyze data, and obtain permits.

Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessment

Earth Data routinely completes cost-effective Phase I Site assessments providing all appropriate inquiry into previous property uses and ownership consistent with CERCLA, SARA and applicable amendments and ASTM standards. When necessary, we provide comprehensive Phase II environmental investigation services utilizing our in-house drilling, sampling and testing capabilities.

Groundwater Appropriations

Our staff has thorough knowledge of the regulations and can assist you in all stages of groundwater appropriations permitting and provide liaison with regulatory agencies.  EDI has the experience and technical expertise to provide you with the necessary services to evaluate sites, collect and analyze the right data, and ultimately obtain permits.

Wastewater Disposal

EDI applies our industry expertise throughout every stage of the wastewater disposal permitting process. Equipped with relevant knowledge and pertinent information for existing and proposed regulations, our team acts as the liaison between our clients and regulatory agencies by evaluating sites and analyzing data sets accurately to obtain the correct permits for each project.


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