Monitoring Groundwater Levels and Aquifer Salinity in Ocean City, MD


Groundwater levels and aquifer salinity in Ocean City, MD

The Coastal aquifer system found in Ocean City, Maryland was studied over a span of roughly 43 years in order to document long-term water-level data. The study began in 1973 and ended last September and was conducted by the MD-DE-DC Water Science Center.

Ocean City, Maryland

The Maryland town derives its municipal water supply from several aquifers in the Coastal Plain. Because Ocean City is located on a barrier beach, there have been very few practical alternatives for a water-supply source.

In the early 1970’s, elevated chloride concentrations were detected in several of the Town’s water-supply wells. While chlorides are harmless at low levels, well water high in sodium chloride can damage plants if used for gardening or irrigation. It can also give drinking water an unpleasant taste.

Investigations determined that the high chloride levels were a result of saltwater intrusion and in response, Ocean City modified its pumping schedule to moderate the drawdown effects of its wells. The long-term groundwater monitoring program was instituted to detect and document the impacts of these withdrawals on groundwater levels and chloride concentrations throughout production wells and observation wells.

The Study/ Approach

A total of 23 observation wells were maintained by the USGS MD-DE-DC WSC. Following USGS protocols, water-level data were collected from 18 observation wells by electrical tape and 5 wells by continuous water-level recorders. All data was stored in the USGS National Water Information System database.

The data is available to the general public and you can access it here online.

Environmental Services in the Mid-Atlantic Region

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