America Uses 79.3 Billion Gallons of Groundwater a Day

Earth Data Incorporated

Earth Data Incorporated

Just underneath of your feet, in the cracks and spaces of soil, sand, and rock, lies groundwater. It moves slowly through the Earth, and supplies drinking water to 51% of the total U.S. population and 99% of the rural population. Groundwater is used to grow our food, sustain our industrial process, and recharge our many lakes, rivers, and wetlands. The world needs groundwater now more than ever. It needs passionate people who are willing to protect and provide this valuable resource.

Earth Data Incorporated

Earth Data Incorporated is full-service consulting firm specializing in groundwater, geospatial, planning, watershed restoration, and environmental projects. Located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Earth Data has been providing services throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region for over 40 years. We’ve completed more than 4,800 private, local, municipal, county, state, and federal-level projects including the collection, analysis, management, and distribution of data.

In other words, Earth Data consists of scientists, professionals, and people who care a lot about the planet. We are the people who are knee-deep in the Earth, analyzing materials so that you can hydrate safely every day. How does Earth Data benefit its customers and the planet? Let’s explore.

Protectors of the Environment

Earth Data offers groundwater exploration services as well as onsite wastewater disposal, watershed conservation and restoration, and site assessment and investigation.

Groundwater Supply

Earth Data provides a full range of investigative resources to identify the most practical and cost-effective water solutions. Our geologists will assess, design and implement a customized groundwater testing program to verify availability and quality.

Public works engineering and operations departments benefit from Earth Data’s deep technical groundwater and well expertise. We provide a comprehensive suite of services to assist water supply operators to manage their wells and well fields to achieve optimal efficiency.

Onsite Wastewater Disposal

Earth Data is equipped with the relevant knowledge and pertinent information about existing and proposed regulations which we apply throughout every stage of the wastewater disposal and groundwater discharge permitting process.

Watershed Conservation and Restoration

By providing technical data and tackling complex ecological concerns, Earth Data continuously strives to find feasible solutions to prevent and limit the discharge of harmful nutrients to our rivers, streams, and estuaries.

Our experienced geospatial team used aerial LiDAR data and advanced analytical techniques to accurately delineate the micro-drainage characteristics of a 300+ acre parcel on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. This was part of a project designed to identify drainage areas for the purpose of reducing nutrient and sediment loading into the Chesapeake Bay. Accurate estimates of these reductions were made utilizing the Chesapeake Bay Facility Assessment Scenario Tool (BayFAST). The end result: selecting Best Management Practices that reduce the most pollution and are the most cost-effective.

Site Assessment and Investigation

Environmental due diligence is a formal process that assesses real estate for potential risk of environmental contamination, such as soil or groundwater contamination. Earth Data adheres to the strict standards set by the EPA. Our team routinely completes cost-effective Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments and Phase 2 Assessments when necessary.

Producing Relevant, Innovative, Practical Solutions

Earth Data offers Geospatial services, the gathering, display, and manipulation of imagery, GPS, satellite photography and historical data, to provide our clients with the best solution to their digital data challenges. We create and populate centralized and searchable databases accessible online on your smartphone.

Earth Data employs in-house GIS technicians to spatially represent virtually any data set with speed and precision. Geospatial technology enhances the quality of land assessment and analysis, site feasibility and selection studies, and treatment solutions. Our team applies GPS mapping technology to provide accurate conceptual visualizations that are both informative and illustrative of the proposed plan, design and overall scale of the project.

Efficient Technical Field Services

Environmental Drilling

Earth Data’s team has constructed more than 3,000 monitoring and recovery wells in varied hydrogeologic terrains. Our highly skilled drillers routinely work alongside field scientists and engineers, anticipating unarticulated needs to construct efficient monitoring and recovery wells and shallow test wells. We own and operate standard truck-mounted and all-terrain hollow-stem auger rigs and direct push equipment. All of our drillers are licensed in several Mid-Atlantic states and have met the training and certification requirements for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response as specified in 29 CFR 1910.120.

Borehole Geophysics

Earth Data’s geophysical logging suite is designed to assist in conducting complex environmental and water-resources investigations. Our logging equipment is housed in a rugged, 4-wheel drive truck to conduct geophysical surveys and borehole digital video surveys in wells, boreholes and mine openings throughout the Eastern United States. All of our field personnel are trained and certified as specified in Federal Regulation 29 CFR 1910.120.

Down Hole Video Surveys

Down Hole Video surveys are a valuable tool for examining the condition of well casing and screens after construction and before/after well redevelopment work. Earth Data conducts downhole digital video surveys and provides these assets, in “digital DVD format” immediately upon project completion.

Aquifer Testing

An aquifer is a body of permeable rock that has the potential to contain or transmit groundwater. Aquifer testing allows us to understand groundwater aquifer parameters which are vital for conducting water resource evaluations. Earth Data provides a solid understanding of the hydrogeology of a site through empirical testing, valuable for engineers and contractors.

Straddle Packer Testing

Packer systems can be used to characterize discrete intervals within a well or borehole to determine necessary information such as the extent of groundwater contamination.

Environmental Sampling

Earth Data offers data collection services that are vital for putting scientific research into context. The data we collect during our sampling efforts must provide scientifically accurate information in a timely manner for clients to make swift and compliant decisions. From sampling program design—to selecting appropriate sample collection and handling methods, our established collection methodologies ensure our clients have access to reliable and accurate data.

Our Clients

Earth Data is proud to offer our services to the federal government, counties and municipalities, landowners and developers, and A & E partners.

Environmental Services in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore just a short drive from Washington DC, and Baltimore, Earth Data employs professional and technical specialists including GIS/geospatial professionals, hydrogeologists, geologists, water resource engineers, licensed well drillers, environmental scientists, field technicians and construction inspectors. Our team routinely services public and private clients directly and in supporting roles in other local and national Architectural and Engineering (A&E) firms.
Earth Data has a deep understanding of the science behind the data. We seek deliberate quality results every single time, and we make the process of working with us easy and enjoyable. For more environmental information, check out our blog and follow us on Facebook!

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